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Live EFT Sessions & Engaging Commentary

Featuring a growing collection of EFT training videos by ICEEFT Certified Trainers, Drs. T. Leanne Campbell & David R. Fairweather.

What people are saying about inEFT

"David and Leanne - not surprising - this is so beautiful — in every aspect: Terrific technology, perfect AV, beautiful artistry, clear demonstration of the Tango moves and corrective emotional experiencing, and rich in safe haven/secure base portrayal. Limitless accolades from me!!"

Lorrie Brubacher, Certified EFT Trainer

"After spending hours of watching InEFT...I was just blown away. First of all by the power of this session and your work, Leanne. I'm not a crier usually, when watching therapy sessions. But I really did cry watching this...his pain was so palpable…I couldn't help myself. I think I have never seen the power of an attachment bond demonstrated so clearly. I watched the studio commentary session and it's such a treat to watch the two of you, just being yourself, with your humor and pulling each other’s leg - while at the same time having this profound discussion full of helpful pointers. I had to laugh out loud, several times. Of course - the quality of the production was perfect as well...I am looking forward to seeing more of you."

Dimitrij Samoilow, Certified EFT Trainer

"Watching Leanne's work is like listening to classical music played by an exceptionally gifted prodigy…. It is really such beautiful, deep, and nuanced work. I continue to contemplate what she taught, and I am heartened to see transformation of my own EFT work as a result."

Laurie B. Freeman, Certified EFT Supervisor

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