Continuing Education

Episode 1 Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits are available through R. Cassidy Seminars for completing Episode 1 of the R&K series. Prior to accessing CE credits you will first have to complete the required material for the episode, including the video session, the commentary, and the webinar.

To access CE Credits upon completion click on the following link (you will be redirected to R. Cassidy):

Season 1 - Episode 1 - 5.25 CE Hours

About CE Application

  • CE's are provided by R. Cassidy, a third party CE provider. inEFT has been approved by R. Cassidy to meet the standards of the various organizations that govern mental health Continuing Education in the USA.
  • Users will have to pay an application fee per course to R. Cassidy to receive the CE credits. This fee covers the cost of accreditation and processing.
  • A test will be administered by R. Cassidy to ensure that users have completed the training and understand the material.