Rick & Kim - Episode 1

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In This Episode

“Through the ‘Cracks’ to see the ‘Real Him’”

Here we witness therapist (Dr. Leanne Campbell) working with a couple who have been together for more than thirty years, through considerable adversity at times, and who are genuinely committed to reaching a more bonded place together.  The cycle is de-escalated.   As Dr. Campbell works in Stage 2, a key theme that emerges is of Rick (withdrawer) taking the risk of revealing himself to Kim (pursuer) more fully and completely.  As Rick takes this leap of faith – i.e., “a crack” initially, but then increasingly more as the session progresses – Kim’s loving acceptance and welcoming response promotes the emergence of a qualitatively new experience inside Rick unlike anything ever felt before.  The powerful impact of Kim’s care and compassion leaves Rick vacillating between two contrasting emotional places – i.e., profoundly cherishing the wonderful connective feelings with Kim on the one hand, but also simultaneously being faced with intense grief and loss over how unsafe and alone he felt so often as a child.  As Rick flips back and forth between this joy versus grief, it prominently emerges that he is profoundly drawn toward, and beautifully astonished by, the relational safety and connectivity that he is experiencing with Kim in the here-and-now.  As Rick allows himself to sit in this elated feeling, he is able to begin to steep himself in, for the first time ever, what it can actually be like to feel truly safe, comforted, and loved by another.

Included in this episode:

  1. Full Live Session with subtitles 
    1. Run-time: 72 minutes
  2. Expert Commentary
    1. Run-time: 150 minutes
    2. This commentary was pre-recorded and features Drs. Leanne T. Campbell & David R. Fairweather as they dissect and break down the entire live session from start to finish. Watch as David interviews Leanne to find out how she progresses through the session.
  3. Process Analysis
    1. 18 Pages
    2. To provide additional insight into in-session events and therapist interventions in the case of “Rick and Kim,” a detailed process analysis is presented that is tied directly to the session’s timeline. This allows readers and viewers to follow the in-session events in real time. It also allows them to pause the action if desired.
  4. Live Q&A Webinar - 87 minutes (Recorded live with participants on February 22nd, 2019)
    1. A chance to have your questions answered by the trainers.
    2. The webinar was recorded and uploaded so you can re-visit it along with the other material.

CE Credits - 5.25 CE Hours available for purchase through R. Cassidy - After completing the training CLICK HERE for CE.

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Dr. Campbell and Dr. Fairweather are co-directors of the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT, and Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group.  Both trained by Dr. Sue Johnson in the early 1990s, they have continued to focus on trauma, grief, and couple therapy since that time.  In addition to teaching and training in these areas, and working with many hundreds of couples over the years, t...