Rick & Kim - Episode 2

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“I Wish I Could”

Here we witness therapist (Dr. Leanne Campbell) working in her second session with Rick and Kim. In this session, after consolidating the profound revelations of the first session, Leanne focuses primarily on processing the painful feelings of shame, guilt, and loss that have adversely affected Rick’s internal experience and relational life over the years. As Rick struggles not to run from these painful feelings, Leanne validates his resistance repeatedly, until Rick is gradually able to sit more still in these agonizing and scary emotions. What emerges for Rick initially is an absence of self-compassion. An entrenched rigid belief that he is fundamentally unworthy and undeserving renders selfforgiveness not possible. He wishes that he could forgive himself. He wishes that he could let go of the guilt and shame. However, his troubled history, and associated failures and disappointments, serve as proof for him that he is “wired” in a way that is fundamentally deficient. As Leanne empathically highlights the crucial importance of respecting Rick’s resistance and “wall,” which protected him in the past when the external world was not safe, Rick gradually softens. Standing on top of the wall now, he begins to let in, sit still in, and openly share the painful feelings that he had previously so rigidly fended off. His authenticity is moving to Kim. She is drawn closer. She speaks of her deep wish that they might, as a couple, in the years to come, become more “at ease” with each other. Recounting a recent life scene when Rick was beautifully able to support and calm her during a moment of daily chaos, Kim expresses a wish that they might find ways to better weather crises together in the future, and move on together more generally “at ease.” Soothed by Kim’s warmth and caring, in response to his depth of sharing, Rick shifts again, as he did in the first session, to a more self-accepting place. He speaks of a sense inside that he is “okay.” He is starting to feel “like a whole person.” Leanne concludes with a masterful summary that compellingly captures the process of what has unfolded in the session, and shines a light on how the couple can move forward, in more connected and satisfying ways, in the next chapters of their life together.

Included in this episode:

  1. Full Live Session with subtitles 
    1. Run-time: 84 minutes
  2. Expert Commentary
    1. Run-time: 148 minutes
    2. This commentary was pre-recorded and features Drs. Leanne T. Campbell & David R. Fairweather as they dissect and break down the entire live session from start to finish. Watch as David interviews Leanne to find out how she progresses through the session.
  3. Process Analysis
    1. 18 Pages
    2. To provide additional insight into in-session events and therapist interventions in the case of “Rick and Kim,” a detailed process analysis is presented that is tied directly to the session’s timeline. This allows readers and viewers to follow the in-session events in real time. It also allows them to pause the action if desired.
  4. Live Q&A Webinar - 87 Minutes (Recorded live with participants on April 5th, 2019)
    1. A chance to have your questions answered by the trainers.
    2. The webinar will be recorded and uploaded shortly after so you can re-visit it along with the other material.
    3. After registering you will be invited to submit your questions in advance, and a link to the webinar will be sent out closer to the date. 

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Dr. Campbell and Dr. Fairweather are co-directors of the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT, and Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group.  Both trained by Dr. Sue Johnson in the early 1990s, they have continued to focus on trauma, grief, and couple therapy since that time.  In addition to teaching and training in these areas, and working with many hundreds of couples over the years, t...