Rick & Kim - Episode 3

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“Footsteps in the Snow”

Here we witness therapist (Dr. Leanne Campbell) working in her third session with Rick and Kim. At the outset here, and building on themes from earlier meetings, Rick’s lingering feelings of anger and self-doubt initially come to the forefront again in the context of a recent sudden job loss. As Leanne helps Rick to sit still in his body, and to allow deeper feelings to come forth, what emerges is underlying sadness that brings
Rick in touch with a traumatic childhood scene of fear and abandonment. In the context of this powerful scene, and strengthened by Kim’s warmth, accessibility and presence in the room, Rick is able to risk making authentic contact with his younger 8-year-old self. As Rick reveals deeper parts of himself, both to Kim as well as to himself, in the context of this childhood scene, Rick watches himself, as an 8-year-old boy, staring helplessly through an upstairs window, as his mother and only defender, flees the home in terror in the face of Rick’s father’s rage and violence. On that winter day so many decades ago, and as his mother rushes away in a panic, Rick vividly recalls her footprints in the snow, left behind as he now is also left alone in the home, unprotected from danger. As Rick stays in touch with this scene and the underlying feelings, a healing sense of selfcompassion emerges that is carried forward and built upon. Moved by Rick’s genuineness and sharing, Kim is drawn closer. The authentic bonding moment that ensues both brings Rick back to a place of peace and gratitude, but also back again to painful feelings of grief and loss that still remain in close proximity. In an evocative closing summary, Leanne places the change process again in a wider developmental and attachment-based context, and also introduces a broader frame of reference to make sense of what is to come as Rick and Kim continue to move further forward. With Rick’s emotional experience squarely at the centre of the first three sessions, the space and foundation has now been paved for Kim’s emotional experience to rise to the forefront in the fourth session that is next to come.

Included in this episode:

  1. Full Live Session with subtitles 
    1. Run-time: 78 minutes
  2. Expert Commentary
    1. Run-time: 128 minutes
    2. This commentary was pre-recorded and features Drs. Leanne T. Campbell & David R. Fairweather as they dissect and break down the entire live session from start to finish. Watch as David interviews Leanne to find out how she progresses through the session.
  3. Process Analysis
    1. 11 Pages
    2. To provide additional insight into in-session events and therapist interventions in the case of “Rick and Kim,” a detailed process analysis is presented that is tied directly to the session’s timeline. This allows readers and viewers to follow the in-session events in real time. It also allows them to pause the action if desired.
  4. Live Q&A Webinar - 88 minutes (Recorded live with participants on April 26, 2019)
    1. A chance to have your questions answered by the trainers.
    2. The webinar will be recorded and uploaded shortly after so you can re-visit it along with the other material.
    3. After registering you will be invited to submit your questions in advance, and a link to the webinar will be sent out closer to the date. 

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Dr. Campbell and Dr. Fairweather are co-directors of the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT, and Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group.  Both trained by Dr. Sue Johnson in the early 1990s, they have continued to focus on trauma, grief, and couple therapy since that time.  In addition to teaching and training in these areas, and working with many hundreds of couples over the years, t...