Rick & Kim - Episode 4

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In This Episode

“How Could You Do That to Me?”

Here we witness therapist (Dr. Leanne Campbell) working in her fourth session
with Rick and Kim. After the transformative impact of the initial session, and the next
two meetings focused predominantly on Rick’s trauma history and longstanding
associated struggles with shame, guilt, and unworthiness, this fourth session allows Kim
the space and room to come forward and open up widely surrounding her own enduring
attachment injury wounds within the marital relationship. As Kim bravely touches earlier
scenes and memories of humiliating betrayal and deep pain, Rick is authentically
motivated to respond, and after initially freezing and “going blank,” he is able to resonate
empathically, and express an intensely felt apology. In light of their history, though, and
Kim having believed Rick’s sorries in the past only to be painfully hurt again, Kim
initially struggles to take in Rick’s words. Ultimately, Kim trusts her body as a
barometer, and is able trust the genuineness of Rick’s remorse, love, care, and sincere
wish to repair damage. Rick is buoyed by Kim’s acceptance. Strengthened afterwards by
Rick’s quietly powerful support, Kim finds the courage to more explicitly ask Rick for
comfort, and for her own needs for care and support to met within the relationship. As
Kim risks asking in this direct and open way, Rick is poignantly elevated by the
underlying message that she trusts and loves and needs him. He responds by voicing a
determined commitment to be there for her in the years to come, and to create a better
future together based on trust and care. Inspired by this powerful spirit of renewal, and
their newly found safe haven together, Rick is then moved to ask Kim to marry him again.
In their next chapters together, he sensitively tells her, he so truly wants to be the
supportive, loving partner that she has always deserved. Kim is moved by his proposal,
and welcomes his loving message. At the end of the session, Kim poetically likens it to
an elegant piece of pottery that has been molded with beautiful shape, openness, and
practicality that they can use together to build further from as they move forward in the

Included in this episode:

  1. Full Live Session with subtitles 
    1. Run-time: 82 minutes
  2. Expert Commentary
    1. Run-time: 132 minutes
    2. This commentary was pre-recorded and features Drs. Leanne T. Campbell & David R. Fairweather as they dissect and break down the entire live session from start to finish. Watch as David interviews Leanne to find out how she progresses through the session.
  3. Process Analysis
    1. 14 Pages
    2. To provide additional insight into in-session events and therapist interventions in the case of “Rick and Kim,” a detailed process analysis is presented that is tied directly to the session’s timeline. This allows readers and viewers to follow the in-session events in real time. It also allows them to pause the action if desired.
  4. Live Q&A Webinar - May 24, 2019 @ 10:00AM Pacific Time (GMT-7) via Zoom Webinar
    1. A chance to have your questions answered by the trainers.
    2. The webinar will be recorded and uploaded shortly after so you can re-visit it along with the other material.
    3. After registering you will be invited to submit your questions in advance, and a link to the webinar will be sent out closer to the date. 

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Dr. Campbell and Dr. Fairweather are co-directors of the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT, and Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group.  Both trained by Dr. Sue Johnson in the early 1990s, they have continued to focus on trauma, grief, and couple therapy since that time.  In addition to teaching and training in these areas, and working with many hundreds of couples over the years, t...