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This 5 minute trailer gives you a look at Season 1 - Episode 1 of inEFT

The inspiration for this project came first from the couple, Rick and Kim, based on the beautiful work that they did during a live session with Dr. Leanne Campbell, and second, from the lovely feedback that was provided by participants who witnessed this first live session, and by those who viewed the session at various trainings in subsequent months.  Subsequent to this first session, the couple was seen again for an additional six sessions. 

inEFT Season 1 traces the therapeutic progress of this engaging couple, Rick and Kim, in Stage Two over seven sessions.  As the couple enters Stage Two in the first session, Rick is able to experience, to a depth never felt before, a profound sense of connectedness and safety with Kim, which serves as a powerful antidote to his shame and negative model-of-self, but also faces him with intense pain surrounding the extensive loss and trauma that he suffered as a child.  In the wake of this transformative opening session, the next two sessions are quieter as Rick works through unresolved and lingering shame as well as other blocks to his capacity to more fully connect with Kim.  As Rick’s shame gradually dissolves and eases as the therapeutic process unfolds, increased space emerges for Kim to begin to more fully experience and openly express her own feelings and needs.  As this room and safety increases, Kim begins to openly confront Rick about previous betrayals and longstanding attachment injuries that she has long held inside.  Session four in particular provides a poignant demonstration of the Attachment Injury Resolution Model (AIRM) as Kim takes the risk of unearthing and raising painful relational experiences from many years before, and Rick is able to respond with compassion, authenticity, and accountability.  As the series proceeds through sessions five through seven, there is further deepening and demonstration of the Stage Two key change events (withdrawer re/engagement and pursuer softening). The last session, session seven, is particularly powerful for its depth of emotion and connection, much like the first.

Participants who join us for this first season of inEFT will have access to the following materials for each of the seven sessions:

· therapy footage with and without English subtitles

· a companion expert commentary studio "talk show" (that features Dr. David Fairweather interviewing Leanne to bring out and elucidate key process moments and change events)

· a written process analysis (as a practitioner-relevant learning tool to explicate Leanne’s moment-by-moment interventions and related EFT process goals)

Following the release of these materials, and with reference to the previously reviewed materials listed above and relevant theoretical and empirical literature, a live Q&A webinar (90 minutes) – that also will be recorded for future viewing -- will be provided with the aim of consolidating the learning goals associated with each episode.

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Dr. Campbell and Dr. Fairweather are co-directors of the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT, and Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group.  Both trained by Dr. Sue Johnson in the early 1990s, they have continued to focus on trauma, grief, and couple therapy since that time.  In addition to teaching and training in these areas, and working with many hundreds of couples over the years, t...